Dice Actors

Dice Actors is a D&D campaign as gripping and thrilling as a radio play! Well-known voice actors and their game master experience a lively story. Follow the adventure of the Guardians of the Obelisks on YouTube or as a podcast. More information at:

Fiery Fridolin

“With a glowing tail and fiery zeal, Fridolin illuminates the path of the heroes.”

Veiled Serpent

“In the dark shadows of the hidden lurks the veiled serpent, whose scaly body winds menacingly around the night-black obelisks.”

Animagic 2024

We will offer the dice trays and dice for the first time at AnimagiC 2024. Afterwards they will also be added to the shop and will therefore be permanently available.

Since we make all the dice and dice trays by hand, we would like to be able to estimate how many we would need. To do this, we ask you to fill out the following Google form (even if you only want to purchase the products after AnimagiC):

If the demand is too high for us to be able to fulfill it at AnimagiC, we would contact you. In this case, we ask for your understanding if not every person can receive their dice or dicetray for AnimagiC.


The dice trays will cost €50 each and the dice sets will cost €80 each.

There will be no pre-order per se. However, you can register using the following form. Form

You can find us in the artist market in the Variohalle in the basement. We will have a big stand there together with the Dice Actors. XP-pen and Copic are our stand neighbors.

Yes, the products will also be sold in the shop after AnimagiC, but depending on demand this may take a moment.

This year we will be at the Connichi in Wiesbaden, the Polaris in Hamburg and the Comic Con in Stuttgart. We applied for a stand at MEX Berlin and are still waiting to hear back. We will also have all the items there.

It is a dicetray made of bamboo in which an embroidered felt and cork are glued.
The felt is made of 100% polyester.
The cork is made of natural cork granules.
The yarn is made of viscose or polyester.

The dimensions are approximately:
Fridolin: Inside 20.5 x 20.5 x 2 cm and outside 22 x 22 x 3 cm
Veiled snake: Inside 14 x 23 x 2 cm and outside 15.4 x 24.4 x 3 cm



Don't feel like waiting?

The official Dice Actors logo in a dicetray is already available.