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Cat in the Dice Bag

Handmade Dice for Roleplaying Games

!! Time for Conventions !!

I'm at conventions!

MAG-C in Erfurt: 03.02. - 04.02.

Manga Comic Con at the Leipzig Book Fair: March 21st - 24.03.

Neue Designs


I think we have a stowaway on board...


Someone seems to have lost their wings insinde our dice...

Designs by Katzenjammerpins

Now not only as pin, but as a dicetray available

Dice Actor Dicetrays

Now available in the shop, the official Dice Actors dice tray!

Gift Cards

For the Time being they are only available in Germany (due to tax reasons), but send me a message and I will notify you, once they are available putside of Germany.

100% (over 400) 5-star ratings on Etsy

Wonderful from A to Z.
These handcrafted dice are creative, of great craftsmanship, and can be put together individually so that you can put together your perfect (DM) set. Daniel accompanies the selection and provides competent advice, keeps you up to date and sends photos of the process. The cubes are also wonderful as gifts, there is so much to discover in each cube, the details are breathtaking. For me the perfect buying experience, the best place for handmade dice.

Etsy, Dec 2022

My fourth set from this store and I can safely say it won't be the last. I have been staring at these dice for over half a year and it was finally time to get them!

Etsy, Jun 2022

I ordered two more sets and I am absolutely thrilled.
Shipping was fast and they arrived in super cute little boxes, each with a cute cat sticker and a little charm.
The dice themselves are beautiful, 10/10 would buy again :)

Etsy, Oct 2022

Perfect, fast shipping and beautiful cubes like in the pictures ❤️ I'm thrilled!

Etsy, Sep 2022

The dice are super pretty and look exactly like on the pictures. I'am super happy with my purchase and the first roll with the d20 was a nat 20 :P

Etsy, Oct 2022