There is a lot of manual work put in the dice, from the design, to the casting of the epoxy and the painting of the numbers.

The dice are balanced as well as handcrafted dice can be.

All my dice cure under pressure, which eliminates air bubbles inside. Furthermore, I check each individual die for rough bumps and blemishes at the end.


The main material of the dice is epoxy resin. This makes the dice slightly lighter than standard factory dice. The dice  should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time, as epoxy can get a yellow tinge from UV radiation.

I recommend rolling the dice on a mat or tray.

To make dice from epoxy resin, I use homemade silicone molds. For this I cast 3D-printed dice with silicone.

The 2-component epoxy resin is then mixed and, depending on the design, various things are added: For example, various alcohol inks, pigment powders, pigment pastes, glitter or metal foil. The mixture is poured into the silicone molds, which are then placed in the pressure pot to harden.

After 12-24 hours, the dice are taken out of the silicone mold and the first rough cast seams are removed. The dice are then sanded with sandpaper in order to free the surface from further unevenness caused by the casting.

After sanding, the dice are polished in the vibratory tumbler for 12-16 hours. Each die is then polished again by hand.

The numbers are now painted with acrylic paint.

Finally, each set is packaged in a handmade origami box.


The shipping cost for Germany is €4.95.

The shipping costs outside of Germany vary. They will be charged at check-out.

For shipping outside of Germany I need an email address and a telephone number. With your order you agree to the forwarding to the shipping service provider.

I'll do my best to process your orders as quickly as possible, but please remember that this is my sole responsibility.

I usually stick to the following times:

  • Processing time of your order: 2-5 days
  • Delivery time Germany: 2-5 days
  • Delivery time EU: 5-14 days
  • Delivery time outside the EU: 14-45 days