Dice Actors - Dicetray
Dice Actors - Dicetray
Dice Actors - Dicetray
Dice Actors - Dicetray

Dice Actors - Dicetray

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A silvery lettering crowned by a red banner. In the background you can see the vague outline of a microphone.
This is the Dice Actors logo. A group of voice actors who, together with their DM, experience an exciting DnD adventure in the world of Thaya.

This dice tray is simply ideal for fans of the campaign, as well as for all other dice enthusiasts!
Dice Actors: diceactors.de Campaign: youtube.com/c/diceactors

The dimensions of the dicetray are as follows (slight deviations are possible): Inside 10 x 20.5 x 2.5 cm. Outside 11.5 x 22 x 3 cm.

The dice are not part of the dicetray. The dicetray is delivered without dice (and also without dice actors). This is just a “serving suggestion”. The dice are the “ Mysterious Volcano ” set

This dicetray consists of a felt fabric that we machine-embroidered and glued to a layer of cork in a bamboo bowl.

The design (Dice Actors logo) is from " diceactors.de ".

The felt is made of 100% polyester

The cork consists of natural cork granules.

The embroidery thread is partly made of viscose or polyester.

The dicetray itself is made of bamboo

Shipments within Germany are sent within 3-5 working days

Shipments outside Germany can take longer and require an email address and telephone number from the buyer for shipping.

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